Our Vision

People and the environment are the two main drivers at the heart of our vision, as we consider both to be the resources of the future. Developing the necessary conditions to safeguard both drivers remains our priority as we move into today’s world characterized by climate change, increased pollution, loss of biodiversity, social inequalities and increasing political instabilities. The only solution is to find a way which is sustainable, therefore we strive to work alongside social, economic and political actors to change and improve the current business paradigm.



Our Mission 

The pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has shown just how wide the gap is between the resources needed and the resources available to finance sustainable development. But despite the great progress made in recent years, the current rate of global hunger and lack of clean energy both remain unacceptably high. Our Mission is to foster sustainable development in order to tackle the challenges ahead and to provide our partners and clients with strategic support tailored to specific needs in the various fields surrounding sustainable development, such as: blended finance and innovation, renewable energy and climate change mitigation as well as system integrations, biodiversity, agribusiness and social impact investments. To accelerate sustainable growth and the positive impact of the SDGs, Sustainaway can rely on a team of senior experts and motivated young professionals as well as a network which encompasses international financial institutions, multilateral development banks, impact investors, NGOs, national and international development agencies, international organizations, African governments and young entrepreneurs in emerging markets.